This document outlines the enrollment terms and conditions for both online and offline courses offered by Guardians EdTech. Upon enrolling in our courses, the applicant acknowledges and agrees to adhere to the policy, rules, and regulations set forth by Guardians EdTech.

The applicant is solely responsible for making an informed decision regarding course enrollment. Guardians EdTech is committed to not exerting any form of influence or coercion on the applicant. It is imperative that the applicant seeks clarity and guidance from Guardians EdTech before finalising their course enrollment.

Please note that the fee paid by the applicant for course enrollment is both non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. Guardians EdTech does not entertain requests for transfer or refund. More details regarding our refund policy can be found in the admission policy section.

Applicants are required to make the fee payment as per the prescribed schedule. Failure to meet the payment deadline may result in enrollment cancellation without compensation or refund. The accepted modes of fee payment are through demand draft or cheque, drawn in favour of Guardians EdTech.

Guardians EdTech reserves the right to periodically revise and modify our rules and regulations at our sole discretion. Applicants will be bound by the latest amendments or modifications to the rules and regulations whenever applicable.

All applicants are expected to maintain decorum and discipline throughout the duration of the course. We hold the right to cancel an applicant’s enrollment without compensation or refund in case of a breach of contract.

Before the course commencement, applicants are required to submit their original educational certificates and documents for verification.

Applicants are obligated to participate in all course assessments as scheduled. Performance evaluation will be conducted based on the projected assessment criteria outlined in the admission policy.

Mandatory interviews, conducted by the placement cell, are a part of the application process. Selected candidates are required to join the designated organization and location on the specified date and time.

Attendance is compulsory for all scheduled course sessions, whether they are conducted online or offline. Applicants are permitted a maximum of two leaves within a month, subject to obtaining prior permission from the Guardians EdTech coordinator. Continuous absenteeism exceeding three consecutive days will be considered a serious violation and may lead to enrollment cancellation.

It’s important to note that the course offered by Guardians EdTech is designed to enhance independent knowledge and understanding across various study areas related to the subject matter. This program does not guarantee eligibility for pursuing higher degrees or employment in any field.

We emphasize ethical conduct from all applicants and reserve the right to take appropriate action against those involved in immoral or unethical behaviour.

Guardians EdTech anticipates ethical practices from all applicants. Enrollment may be cancelled without compensation or refund if an applicant is found guilty of data infringement, unauthorized dissemination of printed or non-printed materials, or any misconduct.

In the event of disputes arising from policy or course-related matters, resolution will occur through arbitration under the 1996 Arbitration and Conciliation Act. The sole arbitrator, appointed by Guardians EdTech, will have jurisdiction limited to the district’s courts.

We understand that circumstances can change, potentially affecting a candidate’s ability to complete the course. If such situations arise, candidates can reach out to Guardians EdTech at to discuss the possibility of rescheduling course access for a later time.