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About Course

Strong aptitude skills are often valued by employers, contributing to career growth and opportunities. And additional resources or guidance on how aptitude skills can contribute to academic success, job placement, or career advancement.

MODULE- 1 (Duration: 24 hours)

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension (RC) is the ability to actively read the information (mostly passages) provided and assimilate the information to answer a given set of questions.

Primary Skills:
  • Understand the crux of the passage.
  • Answer questions based on the text provided.
  • Develop a perspective on the tone and tenor of the given passage.
  • The most followed rule in the RC section is to understand what you read. It will prove a boon for you if you are able to read fast.


Types of Questions:
  • A suitable title to the passage.
  • Giving antonyms or synonyms for a word from the passage
  • Determining the tone of the passage.
  • Assumptions or conclusions based on the passage.
  • Fill in the blanks with respect to the passage.
  • Vocabulary-based questions.


MODULE- 2 (Duration: 10 hours)
Verbal Ability

The Verbal Ability or English Language test is a common section found in the syllabi of most Government exams. It assesses a candidate’s fundamental grasp of grammar and comprehension of the English language, along with its application in communication.


  1. Error Detection/Sentence Correction
  2. Jumbled words/Paragraphs
  3. One Word Substitution


MODULE- 3 (Duration 16 hours)
Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning encompasses aptitude questions that necessitate a logical approach to reach the correct solution. These questions are primarily based on established concepts, with some requiring out-of-the-box thinking. It involves the capacity to logically comprehend concepts and solve problems represented through numbers, letters, figures, and words. Nonverbal reasoning assesses deductive and inductive reasoning abilities in deciphering information and implications within a problem. Topics such as Seating Arrangements, Blood Relations, Syllogism (deductive reasoning to derive conclusions from statements), and Caselets (paragraphs presenting factual information) are covered in this section.


MODULE- 4 (Duration 16 hours)
Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation involves analyzing processed data presented in various forms such as bar graphs, line charts, and tables. Thia process requires interpretation to derive meaning form the data. In this section, we will explore techniques and examples to interpret graphical data and other formats effectively. You will also learn how to apply these skills to solve typical questions encountered in this domain.


MODULE- 5 (Duration 34 hours)
Quantitative Aptitude

The quantitative aptitude section is a common feature in major competitive exams, assessing candidates’ numerical abilities. This section often involves lengthy calculations to arrive at the final answer.


  • 100% Live Sessions
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Customized Learning
  • Practical-Oriented Approach

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What Will You Learn?

  • Time management
  • Focus on understanding the core concept
  • Practice more and more questions based on each topic
  • Apply shortcuts and tricks while solving the quantitative aptitude questions
  • Try solving mock tests and question papers specifically designed for this section

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