Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Healthcare Management (PGDHHM)

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About Course

Course Duration
12 Months
Mode of Training
100% Live Online
Session Timings
Morning/Day/Evening Batches

Our Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Healthcare Management is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic and challenging field of healthcare management. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned healthcare professional looking to enhance your expertise, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key areas such as healthcare operations, strategic management, healthcare finance, quality improvement, and healthcare laws and ethics.


Why should I Choose PGDHHM
  • Lucrative Career Opportunities
  • Impactful Work
  • Diverse Skill Set
  • Rising Demand
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Practical Learning
  • Diverse Career Paths
  • Career Advancement
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum
  • Personal Fulfillment
Job Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Certification in Clinical Research Course, students can unlock numerous job opportunities. Some of the potential job roles are outlined below.

  • Hospital Administrator/Manager
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement Manager
  • Healthcare Project Manager
  • Healthcare Financial Analyst
  • Health Information Manager
  • Healthcare Marketing Manager
  • Healthcare Policy Analyst
  • Clinical Operations Manager
  • Healthcare Risk Manager
  • Healthcare Informatics Specialist
Modules Covered

1. Healthcare Systems and Policy:

a) Overview of healthcare systems globally

b) Understanding healthcare policies and regulations

c) Analysis of healthcare delivery models

d) Health insurance and reimbursement systems

e) Impact of government policies on healthcare management

2. Healthcare Operations Management:

a) Hospital administration and organization

b)Healthcare facility planning and design

c) Patient flow optimization and capacity management

d) Inventory and supply chain management in healthcare

e) Quality improvement methodologies in operations

3. Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety:

a) Introduction to healthcare quality management

b) Measurement and assessment of healthcare quality

c) Patient safety initiatives and protocols

d) Risk management in healthcare settings

e) Continuous quality improvement strategies

4. Healthcare Finance and Economics:

a) Healthcare financing models and structures

b) Budgeting and financial planning in healthcare organizations

c) Cost analysis and cost containment strategies

d) Revenue cycle management

e) Economic evaluation of healthcare interventions

5. Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Management:

a) Marketing principles and strategies in healthcare

b) Branding and positioning of healthcare services

c) Strategic planning in healthcare organizations

d) Market analysis and competitive intelligence

e) Innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare

6. Healthcare Information Systems:

a) Introduction to healthcare information technology

b) Electronic health records (EHR) implementation and management

c) Health information exchange and interoperability

d) Data analytics for healthcare decision-making

e) Privacy, security, and regulatory compliance in healthcare IT

7. Healthcare Laws and Ethics:

a) Legal and ethical issues in healthcare management

b) Healthcare compliance and regulatory requirements

c) Patient rights and confidentiality

d) Ethical decision-making frameworks

e) Liability and risk management in healthcare

8. Leadership and Change Management in Healthcare:

a) Leadership theories and styles in healthcare

b) Team dynamics and conflict resolution

c) Change management strategies in healthcare organizations

d) Organizational culture and communication

e) Leadership development and succession planning

About Reva University, Bangalore

Established in 2012, REVA University is a forerunner in delivering technology-based education.

Recognised as one of the Top 50 private universities in India, REVA University, with innovative pedagogy, exemplary infrastructure, and an industry-resilient curriculum that is designed for the future job market, strives to benchmark new milestones in modern education. In less than two decades, the University has grown from a small community of 150 students to a vast institution that is educating and empowering 15,000+ students on campus. University currently offers UG, PG, Ph. D, Diploma and Certificate Programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science & Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Law, Arts & Humanities, and Performing Arts.

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The course is delivered 100% online, allowing students to participate in live sessions and access course materials from anywhere.

The course is delivered 100% online, allowing students to participate in live sessions and access course materials from anywhere.

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution, preferably in healthcare management, hospital administration, business administration, public health, or a related discipline.

The program covers a broad spectrum of topics including healthcare systems and policy, operations management, quality and patient safety, healthcare finance, marketing and strategic management, healthcare information systems, and laws and ethics related to healthcare.

Graduates can pursue various roles such as Hospital Administrator, Healthcare Consultant, Quality Improvement Manager, Healthcare Project Manager, and many others in the healthcare sector.

The program integrates theoretical learning with practical applications through case studies, interactive projects, and possible internships to prepare students for real-world healthcare management scenarios.

Yes, Guardians EdTech offers career counseling and job placement assistance to help graduates secure positions in the healthcare industry.

Yes, international students are welcome to enroll in the PGDHHM course, as it is offered online and caters to a global audience.

The course offers flexible scheduling with morning, day, and evening batches to accommodate students from different time zones and with varying schedules.

Prospective students can apply directly through the Guardians EdTech website on the PGDHHM course page. It is advisable to check for the latest enrolment dates and application procedures on their official course page.

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