Certification in Blockchain Technology

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About Course

Course Duration
4 Months
Mode of Training
100% Live Online
Session Timings
Morning/Day/Evening/Weekend Batches

Guardians EdTech is an innovative institution dedicated to advancing the convergence of distributed ledger technologies and open blockchains. We foster an environment conducive to fundamental research and the holistic development of commercially viable protocols.
Our Blockchain Certification Program is meticulously crafted for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals across various industries. This program offers a comprehensive blockchain education through a blend of live online interactive classes and hands-on projects.
Designed to equip you with the in-demand skills and knowledge essential for success in the burgeoning blockchain sector, Guardians EdTech goes beyond theoretical instruction. You will learn from industry experts and gain practical, real-world understanding. Our flexible learning approach enables you to integrate your education seamlessly into your busy schedule while acquiring the experiential knowledge that employers highly value.
Guardians EdTech provides you with the competitive edge necessary to secure your ideal blockchain career.

Industries and Sectors

BankingFinance & Banking

Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management


PropertyReal Estate

ElectoralVoting Systems


Job Opportunities

The job opportunities for blockchain developers are diverse and growing rapidly as the technology gains mainstream acceptance across various industries. Here are some prominent roles and opportunities available to blockchain developers:

  • Blockchain Full stack Developer
  • Blockchain Frontend Developer
  • Blockchain Project Manager
  • Golang Developer
  • Blockchain Researcher
  • Quality Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Crypto Analyst

Modules Covered

Certified Ethereum Developer Level 1

  • Decentralization
  • Types Of Blockchains
  • Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and ICOs
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Game Theory
  • Immutability
  • Transparency
  • Cryptography
  • Nodes
  • Protocols
  • Wallets
  • Consensus Algorithms
  • General Block Structure
  • Smart Contracts


  • Voting System
  • Comprehensive ICO Development

Certified Ethereum Developer Level 2

  • Advanced Cryptography
  • Nodes and Protocols
  • Wallets
  • Blockchain Forks
  • Merkle Tree
  • Ethereum Transactions
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Integration
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Tokenization Of Assets
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Money Markets
  • CryptKitties Analogy
  • Micropayments using ERC721
  • Blockchain Bank


Front-End Development (ReactJS with ReactHooks)

  • Getting Started
  • Setting up IDE and environment
  • Working with APIs
  • Working with Web3.JS
  • Styling react Components

Introduction to Javascript

  • Setting up IDE & Environment
  • JavaScript Language basics
  • Classes & Objects
  • Local Storage (get-item, set-item)
  • Moment.JS and other libraries
  • Strict mode
  • Asynchronous Javascript
  • Error Handling in JS

Blockchain Using Python

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Python Setup and Program Execution
  • Cryptocurrency concepts
  • Base Syntax, Loops and Conditions
  • Complex Data Structures
  • Standard Library Usage
  • File Handling, Error Debugging
  • Object- Oriented Programming
  • Modules and Packages
  • HTTP Requests and Responses
  • Flask Framework
  • Broadcasting Blocks and Transactions
  • Consensus Mechanisms

Who Should Enroll in this program?

This program caters to graduates in any discipline and working professionals from diverse backgrounds and basic programming knowledge is good to have. The diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions. The Blockchain market is expected to reach USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at a growth rate of 67.3 percent. This program prepares both new and experienced professionals — with a passion for blockchain and a technical background — for a thriving career in blockchain.
Suitable candidates also include:

  • Business analysts
  • Developers
  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • Solution architects
  • Team leads
  • Students

About the Training Head

Mr. Harman Puri
He is a Blockchain consultant and a pioneering influencer in the Blockchain and Web3 domain with a comprehensive perspective derived from diverse roles. He has acted as an advisor and ambassador to various multi-million-dollar companies.
Mr Puri’s Achievements:

  • Top 50 Blockchain influencers in India by India Blockchain Forum
  • Top 10 business leaders in Punjab by CEOInsights
  • Amity Excellence Award for contribution as an area advisory board member in Blockchain
  • Awarded a pioneer in Blockchain by India Blockchain Week
  • TechChampion Award 2023 at Infinity 2023 6th Annual Technology Conference, Amity Business School
  • 2000+ Blogs, 50+ Workshops, 90+ Clients, 05+ Awards, 30 Keynotes

Course Fee Details

Total Program Fee is ₹70,000.00 (Inclusive of GST @ 18%)

About Reva University, Bangalore

Established in 2012, REVA University is a forerunner in delivering technology-based education.

Recognised as one of the Top 50 private universities in India, REVA University, with innovative pedagogy, exemplary infrastructure, and an industry-resilient curriculum that is designed for the future job market, strives to benchmark new milestones in modern education. In less than two decades, the University has grown from a small community of 150 students to a vast institution that is educating and empowering 15,000+ students on campus. University currently offers UG, PG, Ph. D, Diploma and Certificate Programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science & Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Law, Arts & Humanities, and Performing Arts.

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